Brief Synopsis

Director & Producer: Dror H. Shwartz 

In Development

Currently Seeking International Co-Producers & Broadcasters
  The first documentary on David Gerstein, the most successful interdisciplinary Israeli artist in Israel and beyond
  it in the last 20 years.

  Gerstein’s diverse works are exhibited in galleries and wide public areas in many countries worldwide ranging from South-East  
  Asia, North & Central America to Europe.  Nevertheless, the talented and successful artist is treated ambivalently by Israeli
  art institutions which diminish, judge and label Gerstein as a commercial artist – which is one of the film’s main conflicts.

  The film unfolds Gerstein’s humble upbringing in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in addition to his artistic milestones and achievements
  spanning over decades while revealing his personal life such as his relation with his identical twin brother, an excellent painter  
  on his own merit who has become religious.

  The audience will embark on a journey through time and place, including places ranging from Jerusalem to New York, from     Brazil to Shanghai where Gerstein’s works are exhibited. The viewers will also enjoy the glimpse to understanding the artist’s  
  inspiration and creation process starting from the initial conception to final delivery.  

  The film also focuses on important universal themes pertaining art and culture, such as the tension between popular and  
  canonic art, the contemporary influences of computers and digital advancements on human art, the constant change in  
  evaluating works of art and more.

About Dror H. Shwartz 

  Dror H. Shwartz is an accomplished filmmaker with dozens of films to his credit which he has written, directed
  and produced for over 35 years.

  He also has degrees in Jewish history and philosophy and studied at the JTS and Columbia University, NY and lectures on  
  these topics as well as on film culture around the world.  

  Dror served as a juror in several international film festivals and is a member of the Film Advisory Committee of the Claims
  Conference.  In 1996 Dror was elected Chairman of the Israel Film and Television Directors' Guild.   
  He also served as the Director of Events and Ceremonies Department at Yad Vashem.

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