Unique Tour to Berlin International Film Festival


Join us & enjoy the red capret, international stars and visiting the biggest film studio in Germany where Tarantino & Speilberg film!

Dates: 8-12.2.15

  The unique tour/delegation to Berlin International Film Festival will include film screenings during the festival,
  meeting international filmmakers, visiting the biggest film studio in Germany where Spielberg and Tarantino
  filmed, and where films like METROPOLIS by Fritz Lang and THE BLUE ANGEL with Marlene Dietrich have
  been created.

  We'll also go a unique tour to diverse film locations across Berlin, and join events during the Berlinale Talents,   the festival's exclusive and world renowned training program.

  The delegation will also attend international receptions and parties and enjoy meeting filmmakers from all
  other the world.

  Film students and film lovers will enjoy an enriching and inspiring experience with varied opportunities to gain  
  important knowledge and make new friends…