Orly Rubinshtein-Catsap 

Scriptwriter CV
An experienced writer of screenplays, theatre plays & books

  Contact Details

  Address:                 8 Yigal Alon St, Hadera,
                               3845208, Israel
  Telephone:              +972-52-370-0976
  Email:                     orlyari1998@gmail.com

   Screenplays – Fiction Features & Short Films

  2017-18                 HILDE & FRIEDA script for a fiction feature with international appeal.
  2018                      HOT BOTTLE, script for a short film. Director: Arkady Ostrovsky
  2015                     SAND BIRDS, 90 minutes, drama. Director & Co-Scriptwriter: Amir Wolf. Producers: Michael
                              Sharfshtien, Moshe Edery, Oudi Recanati, Len Blavatnik . Development & Production Grant
                              from the Cinema Project, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.
                              Screened commercially in Israel.
  Theatre Plays
  2005-2001               A CLEAN & TIDY WOMAN WANTED, comedy. Director: Roy Horowitz, the Mara Theatre, Kiryat
  2008-2010               TANYA, A NEW IMMIGRANT, drama. Director: Noya Lancet, Beit Lessin Theatre.
  2008                      PEOPLE HAVE GIVEN UP ON HER A LONG TIME AGO, First Prize in the Opening Stage, Theatre
                               Plays Competition, Beit Lessin Theatre.   

  2007                      HER SKELETONS, Reading Festival, Tzavta Theatre.
  2006                      THE JOURNEYS OF NOA MOALEM, Reading Festival, Tzavta Theatre. 

   2016                      SOMEONE ELSE’S SECRET, children’s book, the second in a series. Publisher: Hakibbutz
                                Hameuchad. Editor: Yona Tepper  

   2011-2013              BECAUSE OF THE QUARREL, children’s book, the first in a series. Publisher: Hakibbutz Hameuchad.
                                Editor: Yona Tepper.            
  Additional Experience
  1994 – Present         A teacher and lecturer of writing prose and memoirs 
  BA in Hebrew Literature, Bar Ilan University, Israel