Successful Pitching Made Easy! Online Course & Work Group

Learn how to pitch like a pro! Grab the attention of potential buyers and funders. A highly essential tool to succeed internationally

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In this important online course you will learn the vital key elements of presenting your film in the best and most professional way.

The course will teach you step-by-step how to create an excellent pitch that will keep the audience interested, curious and hopefully want to know more about your project and you.

We’ll explore different kinds of pitching like elevator pitch and public pitch.

Examples of good, and bad, pitches will be presented and analyzed.

After learning the basics, it is time to implement them in the course special online work group where you can share your pitches and receive indispensable feedback which will help you perfect and refine your pitch.

*** It is highly recommended to complete the How to Build a Successful International Film Festival Strategy Course and the International Film Marketing & Sales Course before joining Successful Pitching Made Easy Course and Work Group.