Book one-on-one sessions and benefit from our extensive experience which can greatly help you develop, finance and sell your project worldwide!

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The online consultations are ideal for creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers who want tailored solutions and specific services which perfectly fit their production stage and needs.

Our consultations focus on three main realms:

  • Development
  • Financing & Co-Productions
  • Marketing & Sales

 NOA – International Film Marketing Offers Private Online Consultations that:

  • Are tailored specifically to your project, script or film.
  •  Asses your goals, targets and aspirations.
  • Build a viable plan on how to practically meet your needs.
  • Recommend international partners that can propel an international career.
  • Enable you to explore new partnerships, markets and opportunities.  
  • Time saving – can help you reach the goals quicker than by yourself.
  • Help you pitch your project and maximizie your presence in international film festivals & markets.
  • Held via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.
  • Tariff: 70 Euros per hour

Ms. Noa Cacharel, has marketed, sold helped to finance film for more than 15 years.

She is the founder & CEO of NOA – International Film Marketing, a graduate of MEDIA  Business School which is funded by the European Union.

She has actively participated in dozens of international film festivals and is leading creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers to fulfill their start-up projects in creative, practical and fruitful ways and to maximize the international distribution & sales of their completed films worldwide 

She is a member of the Israeli Film & TV Academy.