Tailored Professional Consultations

Book one-on-one sessions with Noa Cacharel, and benefit from her extensive experience which can greatly help you fulfil, materialize and sell your project worldwide!

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The online consultations are ideal for filmmakers who want tailored solutions and specific services which perfectly fit their production stages and needs.

You are welcomed to contact us if you wish to expand your knowledge beyond the material taught in our varied online courses or wish to privately consult a leading international expert.

Among others, the topics for consultations are diverse and include:

  • International Marketing Services
  • International Sales
  • Pitching
  • Maximizing and Leveraging Appearance in International Film Festivals
  • International Financing Strategies
  • Locating the Right Partners and Territories



One hour:               80 Euros

5 hours:                 350 Euros

10 hours:               700 Euros

Ms. Noa Cacharel, has marketed, sold helped to finance film for more than 15 years.

She is the founder & CEO of NOA – International Film Marketing, a graduate of MEDIA – Business School for Audiovisual Management which is funded by the European Union.

She has actively participated in dozens of international film festivals and is leading  filmmakers to fulfill their start-up projects in creative, practical and fruitful ways and to maximize the international distribution & sales of their completed films worldwide 

She is a member of the Israeli Film & TV Academy.