NOA – International Film Marketing has been dedicated to international development & marketing of  films for over 15 years.
Its films have participated in many film festivals and have been acquired for theatrical and TV releases worldwide.

NOA is active in training & empowering international creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers through initiating:

* Strategic Consulting – tailored to specific projects.

* Financing & Marketing Courses -focusing on short & features films while emphasizing important financial and international topics in varied media platforms.
It has initiated marketing & financing courses together with strategic partners such as McCANN Tel Aviv, PwC Israel, Tel Aviv University, The Screenwriters Guild of Israel and Israel Directors Guild, among others.

* In-Depth Webinars– providing significant knowledge & valuable tools

* Conferences Focusing on Film, TV & New Media, such as The Screen UnConference which it organizes together with Yossi Vardi and Rotem Levim and is sponsored by Bank Hapoalim for more than 6 years.

Ms. Noa Cacharel, the founder & CEO of NOA – International Film Marketing, is a graduate of MEGA PLUS - European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the  MEDIA – Business School for Audiovisual Management which was funded by the European Union

Noa Cacharel has actively participated in dozens of international film festivals and is leading creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers to fulfill their start-up projects & scripts in creative, practical and fruitful ways

She lectures in varied film schools and provides soon-to-be graduates and alumni invaluable knowledge and practical tools which help them succeed as filmmakers and launch an international career.
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