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Helping International Filmmakers to Succeed Worldwide

For Creators & Scriptwriters

Do you want to fulfil your projects on a global scale?

Are you looking for international scriptwriters? Producers? Financiers? 

Do you have more time to work on your projects or scripts since COVID-19? 

And now, after its beginning to plateau, do you wish to explore new opportunities?

We work with:

1.  Creators – who have ideas for fiction features. We will:
  • Guide you through the development process.
  • Find scriptwriters who can write the script with you or for you.
  • Locate international partners like producers who can turn your project into reality.

2.  Scriptwriters – who already have a script for a full-length fiction. We'll:
  • Find international partners such as producers and broadcasters.
  • Recommend international script labs & co-production markets where the script can pitched an international career can be launched.
NOA – International Film Marketing Offers Private Online Consultations that:
  • Are tailored specifically to your project or script.
  •  Asses your goals, targets and aspirations.
  • Build a viable plan on how to practically meet your needs.
  • Recommend international script labs, co-production markets and over frames that can progress the script and propel an international career.
  • Enable you to explore new partnerships, markets and opportunities.  
  • Time saving – can help you reach the goals quicker than by yourself.
  • Held via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Business Model:
  • The creator / scriptwriter retains all rights.  
  • NOA's work is considered "Work for Hire"
  • (unless the scriptwriter wishes her to be more involved. Will be discussed on a per project basis).  
  • A fee of 70 Euros will be charged for every consultation hour.
  • The first hour is free. 
  • No Commitment – can be stopped at any time.
  • There's no minimum of hours required.
  • Only pay for the hours that have been carried out 

About Us
  • NOA – International Film Marketing has helped filmmakers, creators & scriptwriters to succeed internationally for more than 15 years.
  • It has attended many international film festivals such as Berilnale and Cannes.
  • It has worked with varied scriptwriters and located for them global partners such as international co-producers, broadcasters and sales agents.
  • It has varied connections with producers, buyers, financiers, broadcasters and more spanning diverse countries.
  • It has gained invaluable knowledge.
  • Helps scriptwriters and creators to fulfil their project and turn them into reality.
  • Noa Cacharel is a graduate of the MEGA PLUS – European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the MEDIA Business School which was funded by the European Union.

Contact us today and receive a free one-hour meeting or pay online
Let's explore how we can make your projects come true!  
For Creators & Scriptwriters For Creators & Scriptwriters


NOA – International Film Marketing has been dedicated to international development & marketing of  films for over 15 years.
Its films have participated in many film festivals and have been acquired for theatrical and TV releases worldwide.

NOA is active in training & empowering international creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers through initiating:

* Strategic Consulting – tailored to specific projects.

* Financing & Marketing Courses -focusing on short & features films while emphasizing important financial and international topics in varied media platforms.
It has initiated marketing & financing courses together with strategic partners such as McCANN Tel Aviv, PwC Israel, Tel Aviv University, The Screenwriters Guild of Israel and Israel Directors Guild, among others.

* In-Depth Webinars– providing significant knowledge & valuable tools

* Conferences Focusing on Film, TV & New Media, such as The Screen UnConference which it organizes together with Yossi Vardi and Rotem Levim and is sponsored by Bank Hapoalim for more than 6 years.

Ms. Noa Cacharel, the founder & CEO of NOA – International Film Marketing, is a graduate of MEGA PLUS - European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the  MEDIA – Business School for Audiovisual Management which was funded by the European Union

Noa Cacharel has actively participated in dozens of international film festivals and is leading creators, scriptwriters & filmmakers to fulfill their start-up projects & scripts in creative, practical and fruitful ways

She lectures in varied film schools and provides soon-to-be graduates and alumni invaluable knowledge and practical tools which help them succeed as filmmakers and launch an international career.
About About




Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money
יוצרים בפועל  -    Show Me the Money

סדנאות לגיוס מימון ושיווק בינלאומי של סרטים
המעצימות את היוצרים ומתמקדות בהשגת תוצאות והגעה לקהל בינלאומי

חדשנות - שילוב של לימוד קבוצתי ואישי
אינטימיות - עד 3-4 משתתפים
פרקטיות - פגישה אישית בחינם עם כל יוצר

סדנת הגשמת תסריטים ברמת הבינלאומית
מיועדת לתסריטאים ותסריטאיות בעלי תסריטים באורכים וז'אנרים מגוונים הרוצים להפוך את מיזמיהם למציאות, לאתר מפיקים בארץ ובעיקר ברחבי העולם כדי לפרוץ את גבולות התעשייה בארץ. הסדנה מעניקה כלים מעשיים וידע רב כדי להגשים תסריטים ולהתחיל בקריירה בינלאומית. נושאים עיקריים:
מבחר חממות ומסגרות פיתוח בינלאומיות בהן עובדים על המשך פיתוח התסריט עם מומחים בינלאומיים.
דרכים לאיתור מפיקים בארץ
דרכים לאיתור מפיקים בינלאומיים
קריטריונים לבחירת המפיק הנכון
דגשים שיווקיים – איך לבדל את התסריט מהמתחרים במהלך כתיבת ההגשות ופנייה למפיקים
קהל יעד:      יוצרים עם תסריט 

סדנת גיוס הון בינלאומי ופיתוח מיזמים
הבנת עקרי הסכם קו-פרודוקציה בינלאומי
הערכת היתרונות הכספיים של הקו-פרודוקציה
דרכי איתור ופנייה לקרנות ומפיקים בינלאומיים
בחירת מרקטים של קו-פרודוקציות בינלאומיות
בחירת קרנות קולנוע מובילות
פנייה לתחנות טלוויזיה רלוונטיות
דגשים שיווקיים – איך לבדל את המיזם מהמתחרים במהלך כתיבת ההגשות ופנייה לגופי המימון
קהל יעד:      יוצרים עם תסריט  * יש סדנה המיועדת ליוצרים דוקומנטריים וסדנה נוספת ליוצרים עלילתיים

הפצה בינלאומית של סרטים דוקומנטריים
יצירת אסטרטגיית פסטיבלים בינלאומיים
יצירת חומרים שיווקיים בינלאומיים
דרכי איתור ופנייה לסוכני מכירות, מפיצים וקניינים בינלאומיים
קהל יעד:    יוצרים עם סרט דוקומנטרי מוכן

סדנת הפצה בינלאומית של סרטים קצרים
דגשים לבניית אסטרטגיה שיווקית הכוללת פסטיבלים בינלאומיים המתאימים לסרטים קצרים וסרטי סטודנטים
יצירת חומרים שיווקיים בינלאומיים
הפצה במגוון מדיות
קהל יעד:      יוצרים עם סרט קצר או סרט סטודנטים מוכן

סדנת הפצה בינלאומית של פיצ'רים עלילתיים
יצירת אסטרטגיית פסטיבלים בינלאומיים המתאימים לז'אנר וקהל היעד של הסרט.
יצירת חומרים שיווקיים בינלאומיים
דרכי איתור ופנייה לסוכני מכירות, מפיצים וקניינים בינלאומיים
קהל יעד:     יוצרים עם פיצ'ר עלילתי מוכן

היוצר מקבל

שני מפגשים כל אחד באורך שעתיים וחצי
במהלך המפגשים יפורטו שיטות פרקטיות ודרכים ישימות ליצירת תוצאות ממשיות
מפגש שלישי הכולל ייעוץ אישי במשך שעתיים עם כל יוצר המוקדש לפיתוח וקידום בפועל של המיזם האישי שלו
הייעוץ האישי יקבע באופן פרטני עם כל משתתף
הקורסים והפגישות האישיות יתקיימו בתל אביב

סה"כ 7 שעות לימוד וייעוץ הממוקדים בהשגת תוצאות בפועל    

תאריכי הסדנאות

ינואר 2020

23.1.20 & 16.1.20           ימי חמישי 18:00-20:30            גיוס הון בינלאומי ופיתוח מיזמים - כולל דרכי פעולה במהלך פסטיבל ברלין   
                                                                                      הבינלאומי לקולנוע

31.1.20 & 24.1.20             ימי שישי 9:00-11:30             שיווק בינלאומי של סרטים עלילתיים באורך מלא -  כולל דרכי פעולה 
                                                                                    במהלך פסטיבל ברלין הבינלאומי לקולנוע

31.1.20 & 24.1.20           ימי שישי 9:00-11:30                  הגשמת תסריטים ברמת הבינלאומית - כולל דרכי פעולה במהלך פסטיבל 
                                                                                       ברלין הבינלאומי לקולנוע

  6.2.20 & 30.1.20               ימי חמישי 18:00-20:30          סדנת הפצה בינלאומית של סרטים קצרים

פברואר 2019

13.2.20 & 6.2.20 ימי חמישי 18:00-20:30 שיווק בינלאומי של סרטים דוקומנטריים
14.2.20 & 7.2.20         ימי שישי 9:00-11:30                 שיווק בינלאומי של סרטים קצרים

5.3.20 & 20.2.20        ימי חמישי 18:00-20:30              הגשמת תסריטים ברמת הבינלאומית

4.3.20 & 21.12.19        ימי שישי 9:00-11:30                גיוס הון בינלאומי ופיתוח מיזמים

עלות לכל סדנה בת 7 שעות

מחיר רגיל 1000 ש"ח

לחברי איגודים מקצועיים, חברי אקדמיה וסטודנטים 800 ש"ח

מספר המקומות מוגבל ל- 3-4 משתתפים בכל סדנה

על המרצה
נועה קשרל מתמחה בשיווק בינלאומי של סרטים למעלה מ- 15 שנה
היא מייעצת ליוצרים וליזמים הרוצים ליצור סרטים בז'אנרים מגוונים ועוזרת להם להגשים את מיזמיהם. בנוסף היא בונה אסטרטגיה שיווקית בינלאומית המתאימה לקהל היעד, הז'אנר ואורך הסרט ופועלת לשם מיתוגו ומיצובו בעולם
הסרטי בהם טיפלה השתתפו וזכו בעשרות פסטיבלי קולנוע בינלאומיים
בנוסף היא מעבירה קורסים וסדנאות בנושאי מימון ושיווק בינלאומיים של סרטים עם שותפים כגון איגוד הבמאים, איגוד התסריטאים, מרכז היזמות של אוניברסיטת תל אביב וחברת הפרסום מקאן אריקסון
חברת האקדמיה הישראלית לקולנוע וטלויזיה
בוגרת בית ספר למנהל עסקים בנושא קולנוע ומדיה בחסות האיחוד האירופאי
MEGA PLUS – European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the MEDIA – Business School
הלימודים התקיימו בספרד וההתמחות הייתה באנגליה

Berlinale Workshop

Berlinale Workshop
** סדנת הכנה מיוחדת לקראת פסטיבל הקולנוע הבינלאומי בברלין **

סדנה ייחודית בת שעתיים המתמקדת בנושאים חשובים כגון

ההזדמנויות הרבות הטמונות בפסטיבל
דרכי מינוף הפסטיבל באופן המיטיב ביותר
מידע פרקטי על הפסטיבל שמאפשר ניצול הזמן באופן מירבי
דרכי איתור סוכני מכירות בינלאומיים, מפיצים מקומיים, תחנות טלויזיה ועוד
דרכים לקבוע פגישות
דרכים להשיג כרטיסים לנטרווקינג בלתי רשמי כמו אירועים ומסיבות


14.1.20      יום שלישי           18:00-20:00
21.1.20      יום שלישי           18:00-20:00

לחברי איגודים: 250 ש"ח בנוסף למע"מ
ליוצרים שאינם חברי איגודים: 300 ש"ח בנוסף למע"מ

על המרצה
נועה קשרל מתמחה בשיווק בינלאומי של סרטים למעלה מ- 15 שנה
היא מייעצת ליוצרים וליזמים הרוצים ליצור סרטים בז'אנרים מגוונים ועוזרת להם להגשים את מיזמיהם. בנוסף היא בונה אסטרטגיה שיווקית בינלאומית המתאימה לקהל היעד, הז'אנר ואורך הסרט ופועלת לשם מיתוגו ומיצובו בעולם
הסרטי בהם טיפלה השתתפו וזכו בעשרות פסטיבלי קולנוע בינלאומיים
בנוסף היא מעבירה קורסים וסדנאות בנושאי מימון ושיווק בינלאומיים של סרטים עם שותפים כגון איגוד הבמאים, איגוד התסריטאים, מרכז היזמות של אוניברסיטת תל אביב וחברת הפרסום מקאן אריקסון
חברת האקדמיה הישראלית לקולנוע וטלויזיה
בוגרת בית ספר למנהל עסקים בנושא קולנוע ומדיה בחסות האיחוד האירופאי
MEGA PLUS – European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the MEDIA – Business School
הלימודים התקיימו בספרד וההתמחות הייתה באנגליה

זאת תהיה השנה ה- 9 של נועה רול קשרל בפסטיבל ברלין הבינלאומי לקולנוע. בעבר גם הוציאה אליו משלחת של סטודנטים וחובבי קולנוע

NOA - International Film Marketing

Filmmakers List


Shamir, His Way

1991 - a pivotal year that started with Iraqi missile attacks on Israel and ended with the consequential Madrid Peace Conference. 1991 was also the last year that Yitzhak Shamir served as the Prime Minister of Israel. This film intertwines exclusive and behind-the-scenes' insights illustrating the unique path between the terror of war and the hopes of peace. It dramatically unfolds Shamir's unprecedented and controversial decision not to retaliate to Iraq's missile attack in spite of international pressure from world leaders such as President George H. W. Bush and President Mikhail Gorbachev. The film reveals for the first time the extraordinary life of a groundbreaking leader whose impact has been felt throughout the entire Middle East region for decades. Prominent figures have attended the film's Israeli premiere, such as the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, prior to its broadcast on Channel 8, one of Israel's leading documentary channels. This is a new film and we have begun sending it to international film festivals and broadcasters.

Learn More

Heroes of Salonika

The last survivors of the Greek Jewish community who endured the Auschwitz extermination camp look straight into the camera, simply & candidly, to reveal their previously unknown story of survival & heroism during the Holocaust

Learn More


A bereaved father embarks on an uncompromising quest to achieve justice for his murdered daughter in the face of her killer’s impending release from prison.

Learn More

Tikkun Ha-Lamed of the Ha’Ari Hakadosh

An inspiring & spiritual journey throughout Israel revealing for the first time Kabbalah secrets, profound insights and the fascinating story of the Rabbi Admor of Sitre Haim

Learn More

The Driving Spirit

The film reveals the driving spirit which compels people with no financial means or political standing to make history

Learn More

Almost Famous

A contemporary, relevant & universal teen drama which faithfully describes the world of teenagers today

Learn More

Operation Egg

An adventure comedy for the whole family

Learn More

Little Heroes

Four Israeli kids embark on a courageous journey to rescue the lives of two injured teenagers. The Israeli STAND BY ME

Learn More

I am Bialik

A mockumentary about Bialik's illegal descendant

Learn More

Eyes Wide Open

A homosexual love story set in the Ultra Ortodox Jewish community in Jerusalem.

Learn More

Arie Yeger

An innovative content creator in the fields of Cinema, TV series and formats.

MA in Journalism & Communication from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Has managed marketing &  advertising campaigns.

An esteemed government employee for almost two decades.

He has served in the Israeli Air Force for 28 years, including mandatory service and reserve duty.

Mr. Yeger is a creative entrepreneur in every fiber of his being. He has developed two unique multi-platform formats and one original TV series, all with international appeal.

Mr. Yeger is currently developing a extraordinary action adventure global blockbuster. It is an internationally inspiring & realistic feature incorporating cutting-edge science, technology, philosophy and Kabbalah, in the style of THE DA VINCI CODE, INDEPENDENCE DAY, GRAVITY & THE MARTIAN.

Arie Yeger

Igal Lerner

A diverse storyteller active in multiple platforms ranging from cinema and TV to digital.
After graduating from the Department Media Studies at the College of Management's Academic Track, Israel, he began working as a creator, director, lecturer, and journalist.
His works include dozens of films, reports and series which have been broadcasted on varied Israeli TV channels such as Channel 8, Yes Docu, Channels 2 and 10.
In addition, Lerner directs TV reports (News Channel, First Channel, Channel 10) in addition to writing for newspapers & magazines (Yediot Aharonot, Maariv, Forbes, Time Out Israel Magazine).
In 2006 he directed the biography centering on Nathan Sharansky that was aired on the Biography Channel. In 2008, he directed the film "Shouts of a Beloved Land" that tells the story of former Knesset Member Joseph Tamir.
In addition, Lerner is involved in the creation and development of TV shows such as "Real Hours", "Elon Paths", "Account Closing" - Channel 10, and "Honest, "She Has It" for Channel 2.
He also produces documentaries such as "Derek Roth - The Case Opens", "The Bereavement Wars" are both for the Yes Docu Channel.
In 2013, he directed a documentary mini-series hosted by Meir Suissa about Yaffe Yarkoni in addition to the film "The Price of Faith" that tells the story of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel.
In 2014, his movie " Giuliano" about the actor and filmmaker Giuliano Mer, has premiered at the Haifa Film Festival.
In 2020, he produced and directed the film "Shamir, His Way" which has premiered at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (the President of Israel Mr. Ruby Rivlin has attended the premiere) and was broadcasted on Channel 8. In 2020 he created the International Film Festival in Kinneret.
In 2015, he has completed his MA studies in the Department of Film Culture at the University of Haifa.
In addition, he teaches in various academic institutions in the fields of new media, directing and content development.
Happily married and father of four.
Igal Lerner

Orly Rubinshtein-Catsap

An experienced writer of screenplays, theatre plays & books

Screenplays – Fiction Features & Short Films 

HILDE & FRIEDA script for a fiction feature with international appeal

HOT BOTTLE, script for a short film. Director: Arkady Ostrovsky

 SAND BIRDS, 90 minutes, drama. Director & Co-Scriptwriter: Amir Wolf. Producers: Michael Sharfshtien, Moshe Edery, udi Recanati, Len Blavatnik . Development & Production Grant from the Cinema Project, the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts
Screened commercially in Israel

  Theatre Plays
A CLEAN & TIDY WOMAN WANTED, comedy. Director: Roy Horowitz, the Mara Theatre, Kiryat Shmona

TANYA, A NEW IMMIGRANT, drama. Director: Noya Lancet, Beit Lessin Theatre.

Stage, Theatre Plays Competition, Beit Lessin Theater

HER SKELETONS, Reading Festival, Tzavta Theatre

THE JOURNEYS OF NOA MOALEM, Reading Festival, Tzavta Theatre


SOMEONE ELSE’S SECRET, children’s book, the second in a series. Publisher: Hakibbutz Hameuchad. Editor: Yona Tepper

BECAUSE OF THE QUARREL, children’s book, the first in a series. Publisher: Hakibbutz Hameuchad. Editor: Yona Tepper.

 Additional Experience

A teacher and lecturer of writing prose and memoirs


BA in Hebrew Literature, Bar Ilan University, Israel

 Orly Rubinshtein-Catsap

Menora Hazani

Mrs. Menora Hazani is one of the few female artists and filmmakers residing in Judea and Samaria. She is religious woman with six blessed kids, who determinately creates documentaries against all odds. Her films portray the human spirit motivating people to change and create a new reality. She unfolds the stories of the Jewish settlers, who are known all over the world through discerning news reports, but their own unique point of view is rarely heard or understood. Hence, she often spotlights people in the cultural and geographical periphery and offers them a rare chance to finally be seen and heard.  

THE DRIVING SPIRIT, 2018, 91 minutes, documentary. Director, screenwriter & producer. A documentary feature unveiling the fascinating story of the renewed Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria.
This is Menora’s first feature-length documentary.

Current Affair Programs, 2013-2018, Channel 20, Israel. Editor

Orot Jewish Internet TV, 2010. Director

ARISE FROM THE DUST, 2007, 55 minutes, documentary. Commissioned and broadcasted on Channel 10, Israel. Also broadcasted on Channel 20, Israel. Director, screenwriter & producer. An emotional outlook on the Jewish eviction from Homesh, and the consequent heartbreak of the Jewish religious population.
 THE SKIES ARE CLOSER IN HOMESH, 2004, 53 minutes, documentary. Director & DOP. Unveiling the first year of a young religious couple in the beautiful but secluded settlement of Homesh, in the North of the Shomron in the background of the Second Palestinian uprising.  Received the grant in the “The Setters Film” Track from the New Fund for Cinema & Television, Israel.  Broadcasted on Channel 2, Israel. Screened in the prestigious DocAviv Documentary Film Festival, Washington International Film Festival, and in cinematheques and dozens of screenings throughout Israel.
Menora Hazani

Zlila Helman

Contact Details:

A member of the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum  
A member of The Union of Journalists in Israel

Zlila Helman is an active female Israeli documentary filmmaker and journalist.
She is the director, cinematographer, editor and producer of her documentary works.
Her academic background is in history, especially in Middle Eastern Studies and the History of the Jewish Nation, and also in Social Work. The combination of these two fields helps her to observe varied societies, cultures and identities, from a critical point of view. Her aim is to inspire the audience to think and ask questions, and to strive to create a better world. She is especially interested in the unique stories and special relations between people from all over the world. She focuses on significant cultural issues that bring to light the positive sides of people - no matter where they come from.

Girls Soccer Beyond Borders, short documentary, 4 minutes
Rome Film Awards, Italy, 2019
French Independent Film Festival, Cannes, France, 2019
Wallachia Int'l Film Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2019
Beyond Earth Film Festival, Tamil Nadu, India, 2019
Festival International Cannes, France, 2019
Golden City Short Film Awards, Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
6 on Nebraska, Cape Town, South Africa, 2019
Open Window International Film Challenge, Calcutta, India, 2019
Malta Film Festival, Malta, 2019
7° Firenze FilmCorti International Festival, Italy, 2019
Shahu International Short Film Festival, Pune, India, 2019
Golden State Film Festival, Los Angeles, California, USA, 2019
Canada Short Film Festival, Canada, 2018, HONORABLE MENTION
Great Message International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018, BEST DIRECTION AWARD
16 International Film Festivals by JIFF, Jaipur, India, 2018, CERTIFICATE OF MERIT, Best Women & Children Film
The Film Collective., Pennsylvania, USA, 2018
Bay Area International Children’s Film Festival (BAICFF), San Francisco, USA, 2018
The Buddha International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018
Europa Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2018
The Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF), Italy, 2018
Grand Rapids Feminist Film Fest (GRFFF), Michigan, 2018
Switzerland International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2018
International Short Film Festival Beveren, Belgium, 2018
Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Near Nazareth Film Festival, Israel, 2018, SEMI-FINALIST
Pune Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Rome Prisma Film Awards, 2018

We Have a Dream: Women’s Hopes & Conflicts, short documentary, 6 minutes
Georgia Documentary Film Festival, Best International Film Award Nominations, USA, 2019
Social World Film Festival, Napoli, Italy, Semi-Finalist, 2019
Unrestricted View Film Festival, London, England, 2019
New Era Film Festival, NYC, NY, USA, 2019
American Asian Latino Film Festival NYC, USA, 2019
Olympus Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2019
4th International Short Film Festival, Pune, India 2019
Le Prince International Film Festival, Caracas, Venezuela, 2019
Carole Film Festival, Venice, Italy, 2019
London International Motion Picture Awards - L.I.M.P.A, England, 2019
London-X4 Short Film Festival, Special Commendation
Best Global Shorts, Tamil Nadu, India, 2019
Europa Film Festival, Barcelona, Spain, 2018
MikroFAF - International Festival of Independent Short Film, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018
Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2018 לפרסם
The Mediterranean Film Festival (MedFF), Italy, 2018
Film Festival Senior Movie, Szczecin, Poland, 2018
Great Message International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018
Switzerland International Film Festival, Switzerland, 2018
Harrogate Film Festival, UK

The Invisibles: Lost in Berlin, short documentary, 4 minutes
Rome Film Awards, Italy, 2019
London International Motion Picture Awards - L.I.M.P.A, England, 2019
Social World Film Festival, Napoli, Italy, Semi-Finalist, 2019
Sands Film Festival, Florida, USA, Semi Finalist, 2019
Canada Short Film Festival, Canada, 2018, AWARD WINNER
Asia South East Short Film Festival, 2018, Cambodia, HONORABLE MENTION
Directed by Women - NYC Shorts of all Sorts, NYC, USA, 2018
Great Message International Film Festival, Pune, India
The Buddha International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018
Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Pune Short Film Festival, India, 2018

Searching for the Meaning of Life, short documentary, 6 minutes
L’Age d’Or International Arthouse Film Festival, Kolkata, India, AWARD WINNER, 2019
American Asian Latino Film Festival NYC, USA, 2019
Rome Film Awards, Italy, 2019
4th Jaipur Film World, Rajasthan, India,
The Buddha International Film Festival, Pune, India, BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD
Great Message International Film Festival, Pune, India, 2018
Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Pune Short Film Festival, India, 2018

Israelis & German in the Labyrinth of Reconciliation, short documentary, 7 min
Rome Film Awards, Italy, 2019
International Shorts Film Festival, Australia, 2019
Social World Film Festival, Napoli, Italy, Semi-Finalist, 2019
Goa Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Pune Short Film Festival, India, 2018
Zlila Helman

Moshe Alafi

Producer, director and creator for over 27 years in a wide range of film, TV and theatre productions. Moshe Alafi has made over 50 documentaries, 15 feature movies, over 20 theatre shows and over 10 festival productions. He also produces multimedia shows, conventions, conferences and special events.

 He is a member of the Documentary Filmmakers' Forum, Israeli Film and Television Academy and Israel Film and TV Producers Association.

Mr. Alafi is also a journalist and senior lecturer at Ma'aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts in Jerusalem. He also teaches in the Education Channel training courses, school teachers and young women in their national service.


Uman, Story of a Journey – the pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman’s grave at Uman, the Ukraine. For Keshet Broadcasting, 30 min.

Zorach: Holocaust Refugee and Survivor – for Channel 1. Filmed in Israel, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, China, Japan and the USA. Channel 1, 60 min. Assisted by the Ministry of Education.

One of the Lamed-Vav – dramatic documentary on Rabbi Aryeh Levin, “father of the prisoners.” Produced in collaboration with the Israel Broadcasting Authority, 60 min. Broadcasted in Israel, USA, France and Holland. Funded by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education, Israel’s Film Fund, the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, and private sponsors.

When Dudu Met Aryeh– documentary for Keshet Broadcasting, 55 min. Follows the journey of Dudu Topaz and Aryeh Deri to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

My Inheritances – Saga of the Kapah family and the Yemenite ethnic group. 60 min. Second Broadcast Authority – Reshet; Avi Chai Foundation, New Fund for Cinema and Television.

Hothouse – The story of Ronit Balaban, who deals alone with the destruction of her home due to the disengagement from Gush Katif. Broadcasted on Reshet TV (Hebrew and English)

Ayin Tova- Documentary about Bedouin women in the Negev Wilderness in the South of Israel.

Everything is Judged- Satire TV series. Broadcasted on Channel 1, Israel.

Hyssop and Coca Bar – Arabic series promoting the preservation of nature

Red Sea the End – a documentary on the destruction of the gulf of Eilat, from a human perspective. Funded by NFCT- the New Israel Fund for Cinema & TV, Channel 8 and the Israeli Movie Channel. 30 min.

Mr. Cohen and Mister Cohen – American/Israeli community collaboration for the Government Publicity Bureau and the Jewish Agency. 3 puppet animation films, 12 min. each.

Shake Yourself Off – The life story of the members of the unique Samarian community of the settlement Homesh until the evacuation in 2006. Documentary, 60 min. Channel 10. (Hebrew and English)

Communities in a New Light- Documentary series about 7 Jewish communities all over the world. Broadcasted on Channel 1 Israel

Hidden Genes- Drama

Director and Producer:

Naf – A Street Kid – Documentary on Jerusalem street kids. Second Authority for Television and Radio. Festivals: Jerusalem, Italy, Germany, Prague, China. 80 min. Hebrew, English, French, Arabic. More than 150 screenings in
In Good Hands, a docudrama for Hevra Kadisha

From the Ends of the Earth I Call to You – Documentary on the journey of Breslev Hassidim to Uman – 50

Credo – a documentary on the subject of values, 40 min.

Gmilut Hesed Shel Emet, a documentary for Hevra Kadisha.
Executive Producer:

Real Miracles – a docudrama for Telad and Paramount Films, 52 min.

Today I Am a Man – Sheba Productions, produced and directed by Micha Shagrir.

Three documentary episodes on Rabbi Kahane and the right wing – directed by Danny Siton for Keshet Broadcasting, in collaboration with foreign television channels.

60Short films for the Lexicon website of Jewish Culture – produced 2006-2008

A Question of Life and Death- Documentary, a new perspective on the Holocaust
Moshe Alafi

Liran Shitrit


Director, Screenwriter & Producer

Contact Details:
Mobile:       +972-508863019
Address: 40 Moshe Dayan St. Holon 5867171, Israel
Director, Screenwriter & Producer:

IN THE NAME OF THE DAUGHTER, Drama / Thriller, 39 minutes. A bereaved father embarks on an uncompromising quest to achieve justice for his murdered daughter in the face of her killer’s impending release from prison.

DOUBLE PAYBACK, Thriller, 15 minutes. A lawyer who double-crossed both his wife and a former client faces their combined will for retribution & revenge.

THE UNFORGETTABLE PAST, Drama /Thriller. 10 minutes. Short film about an ordinary man who decides to intervene when he witnesses a crime, and suffers the consequences.

Film Studies at Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel
Liran Shitrit

The Binder, the Bound and the Altar

The Binder, the Bound and the Altar
Three religious leaders, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew who live in the Galilee, Israel, all have a deep and intimate connection to the mythological story of the Binding of Isaac. Each has shared his deepest insights on this tragic narrative with his community and disciples.
This is the moving documentary intertwining three theological and personal odysseys, beginning with a 3800 year old biblical legend and culminating in a timely and relevant manner, capable of touching the heart of every parent and child throughout the world. For centuries these three religious movements have spilled each another's blood, despite the fact that all three foster scholarship, religious rituals and liturgy based on the model of the ideal believer, our father Abraham, who was asked to sacrifice his son as proof of his love and faith in God.
The story’s basic components are identical in all three religious narratives. God demands the sacrifice, the faithful father complies with His command, father and son walk for three days, the son accepts the verdict with love, the knife is raised to slaughter, only to be foiled at the last moment by an angel and finally, a different sacrifice is chosen.
From this point, each of the film's protagonists takes the story's message and factual interpretation to a different place: the duty to offer sacrifices to God, the obligation to die for His glory and the prohibition to kill – "Do not lay a hand on the boy."
We will embark on an exciting journey with these three inspiring religious leaders:
Sheikh Jamal Sawad - Sunni Muslim leader from the village of Ras El Ayin, Galilee. As an only son, Sawad's mother consecrated him to God and up until his later years, he lived the life of a monk.
Abuna Attalah Makhouli – a Greek Orthodox priest from the Kafr Yasif village in the Western Galilee. Abuna is true to his own conscience and even stands up against the Greek Orthodox establishment while holding aloft his own banner of education and love. Much like Abraham, he pays a high price for his convictions, to the point of losing his own children.
Rabbi Yehuda Gilad – Dean of the Maale Gilboa Yeshiva and Rabbi of Kibbutz Lavi in the southern Galilee. Rabbi Gilad fights for his own unique approach within the National Religious Zionist stream - "Divine morality and human morality are one and the same – this is what we should learn from the Binding."
Each of these believers is obsessed with the binding in a unique way and each of them makes relentless efforts to disseminate his own understanding of the Binding, at times paying a high price for his path and convictions. We will follow them during their personal journeys and experience the lessons and ideas each of them derives from the religious texts and prayers, while confronting relevant challenges from within their own communities - in the synagogue, mosque and church.
The film unfolds the binding as an epic universal tale. It presents the common denominators and the difference between the three religions in order to find common ground and mutual understanding.
The documentary’s scope is universal and relevant to international audiences as it transcends boundaries and cultures.

Production Stage
The necessary research has already been conducted.
A few filming days have already been carried out.

Secured Finance              
Producer’s investment (out-of-pocket): 12,000 Euros
Required Finance:         141,000 Euros
Estimated length:         60 minutes

English Trailer:    

Mr. Moshe Alfi has produced numerous documentaries, TV programs and web-series. He is highly interested in religious, current affairs, political and historical topics.

5o Years – 50 Faces

5o Years – 50 Faces
50 years have passed since the Six Days War (1967) when a part of the Ancient City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall have returned to Jewish control after 2000 years.
The documentary unveils 50 fascinating testimonies of the Battle over Jerusalem which lasted for three days during that war. Those 3 eventful days have ultimately shaped history, politics and geography of the whole Middle East, and consequently of the whole world. The moving testimonies, many of them are revealed for the first time, are given by Jews, Muslims and Christians, men and women, children and adults (at the time), right-wing and left-wing supporters, civilians and soldiers, religious and non-religious, Israeli and foreigners in Israel, in order to compose a unique and unifying mosaic of universal stories.
The film includes interviews, archive footage and animation which inspire thinking differently and challenges past conceptions.
The goal is to create one film incorporating these characters and to intertwine them to one cinematic experience.   The stories are divided to three categories: the days before the war, the three days of battle, and the war’s aftermath. Each one of the characters shares his or her personal experiences and shed a new light on the complex reality.  The characters speak in their native language so the film includes Hebrew, Arabic, English and Russian.
The interviews complement each other, and “pass the torch” from one interviewee to the next.
Cross Media Elements
The interviews can also be incorporated in a transmedia project in which the stories can be explored and developed even further.
 Production Stage
Up until now, 23 interviews have been filmed and 20 have been edited and showcased during a unique exhibition in the prestigious Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem.
More filming days and further editing is required.
Comprehensive research which included 100 interviews has also been conducted.  It can also be expanded in order to locate Germans who can also contribute to the film’s international mosaic.    
Committed Funding Partners
Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem
The Jerusalem Film and Television Fund
The Jerusalem Foundation
Total secured funding (which has already been used): 94,000 Euros
Required funds:             73,000 Euros.

Estimated length:         60 minutes
Moshe Alfi’s family, the film’s director and producer, has lived in Jerusalem for 15 generations. He has filmed Jerusalem and its distinctive streets for over two decades. He was one year old when the war erupted, and his dad left his home to join the army. Through his eyes, and the eyes of the diverse interviewees, Jerusalem is revealed in a new light, which also provides a glimpse enabling audiences worldwide to understand the beauty and complexity of Jerusalem.
Mr. Alfi has produced numerous documentaries, TV programs and web-series.

The Samaritans

Saving The Samaritans

The Samaritans: Saving a Biblical People spans the globe— from Israel, the Palestinian Authority and United States to Ukraine and Brazil, in an effort to save the 3,400-year-old Samaritan community.   Time is of the essence. The Samaritans today number only 850 people. Centuries persecution, a shortage of female marriage partners and genetic defects caused by inbreeding, together with the pressures of the modern world put their future in peril.  The Samaritans will do whatever it takes – and   sometimes more – to save their ancient tradition from extinction.  This documentary presents the Samaritan’s desperate efforts to save themselves and their ancient culture for future generations.

The Samaritans are best known for “the Good Samaritan” of New Testament fame. Many people mistake them for Jews, but they are not. They are descendants of the ancient northern tribes of Israel. While most of their brethren are long “lost,” this small remnant carries on. For 3,600 years, the traditions of this biblical people have developed side by side with Judaism, and then Christianity and Islam.

The Samaritan holy mountain is holy Mt.Gerizim, near biblical Shechem, modern Nablus. They claim to preserve the most ancient and complete Torah scroll in the world, written at the time of Moses himself in ancient biblical Hebrew script.

The Samaritans: Saving A Biblical People is a window into the world of this ancient yet modern people, its religion, culture, rituals and beliefs. It will intimately reveal Samaritan rituals of the Day of Atonement and the Pascal sacrifice on Mt. Gerizim, which has continued from antiquity to the present. It will search the world for their treasured manuscripts and reveal priceless ritual objects seldom seen.

This ancient people has experienced trials and tribulations throughout their long history. While in the first century there were perhaps a million Samaritans, the community numbered only 141 souls at the dawn of the 20th century. Thanks to the support of dedicated American Protestant friends and especially of the Zionist movement led by Yitzhak Ben Zvi, the second president of Israel, their number has steadily grown to over 850 today.

The Samaritans are dramatically caught between their commitment to preserve their ancient traditions and the rapidly changing world around them. On the most personal and intimate level, Samaritan men, unable for demographic reasons find Samaritan brides, struggle to marry. This crisis has caused many to seek non-Samaritan wives from Eastern Europe, the first nonIsraelites ever to be brought into the Samaritan community, The trials of a single couple will be documented from their initial courtship in the Ukraine to marriage and the complexities of live as a mixed-Samaritan family.

The Samaritans are torn between modern nations and rivalries. Half reside in the Israeli city of Holon and are completely Israeli. Those who reside on Mount Gerizim, above Nablus in the West Bank, are citizens of the Palestinian Authority. Precariously, this split community exists at the cusp of the Israeli-Palestine crisis, navigating carefully between the warring sides.

In a sense, the Samaritan struggle is a metaphor for the ways that all traditional cultures are impacted by modernity, but with a level of immediacy and constant crisis that allows for few errors.

The Samaritans: Saving A Biblical People will present the lives of several key individuals within the Samaritan community, exploring the deeply religious and spiritual world of this ancient yet endangered biblical people.

Academic and Cinematic Support 
A renowned international academic has been assembled that will ensure the academic quality of this article documentary. Members are Professor Steven Fine (Yeshiva University, chair), Prof. Galit Hasan-Rokem (Hebrew University). Prof. Menachem Mor (Haifa University) and Prof. Avigdor Shinan (Hebrew University). The committee unanimously approved both the choice of Alafi as the filmmaker and the plans for this film. This documentary is the centerpiece of the Yeshiva University Israelite Samaritan Project ( and is involved at every state of production.

The New Fund for Cinema and Television ( is a leading Israeli film fund, established over two decades ago, dedicated to supporting and promoting Israeli cinema, with a special focus on documentary films.

Production Stage 
Research and initial conversations with our academic committee have been concluded. The main characters for the film have been located and have consented to be filmed. Filming began October 2018 in Ukraine, Holon and Mt. Gerizim, and continued during November 2018 in New York and Cincinnati, Ohio.

Estimated Length: 60 minutes

Committed Funding Partners
Yeshiva University Center for Israel Studies, New York and Jerusalem The New Fund for Cinema & Television, Israel

Total Secured Funding: 100,000 USD

Required Funding: 80,000 USD

Director & Producer
 Moshe Alafi, the director and producer, has produced numerous documentaries, TV programs and web-series. He focuses on religious, current affairs, political and historical topics.


An inspiring, scientifically accurate & international adventure blockbuster incorporating cutting-edge space research, sustainable science, technology, philosophy, spirituality and Kabbalah.

The film begins in Jerusalem where Isaac Newton’s secret manuscripts are newly revealed and spreads to the space superpower nations as they face the threat of an approaching apocalyptic and unusual asteroid.


 Created by Arie Yeger. All Rights Reserved

WGA Registration Number: 1989556