Little Heroes

Four Israeli and Russian children embark on an adventurous journey throughout the scenic Israeli desert, during which they try to overcome their differences, and learn to face their fears. Gradually, they form a heroic team that includes a warrior, a magician, a good hearted giant and a thief, but will they do so in time to save an injured couple?

This is one of the first children films that were made in Israel, and has been screened in over 50 international film festivals worldwide, and received numerous awards and honorable mentions .The film was released commercially and sold to various TV stations across Europe.

Awards and Distinctions:

Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth Czech Republic - Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film for Children

BAM Children Film Festival New York, USA - BAM Best Film Award

Festival Internacional de Cine Nueva Mirada para la Infancia y la Juventud, Buenos Aires, Argentina – Jury Award for Best Film

Terra di Siena Film Festival, Siena, Italy – Audience Award

Lola Kenya Screen, Kenya - Golden Mboni for Best Film

Sprockets Toronto International Film Festival for Children, Canada – Honorable Mention.

Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audience,
Germany - Honorable Mention

Moscow International Children Film Festival, Russia - Diploma for the 

Promotion of Kindness and Humanism.

Technical Information

                                                                                                                      Original Title: Giborim Ktanim 

Family Film, 35mm, 76 minutes, Hebrew/Russian English & Spanish subtitles, Israel, 2006

Director: Itai Lev
Screenwriter: Eran B. Y.Based
on the story Lending a Hand 
from the book Soon by Eran B. Y.
Producers: Roni Yali & Ayelet Imberman
Dvash Productions
Cinematography: Ofer Harari
Editor: Gila Cohen
Original Music: Yonatan Bar Giora
Sound: Gil  Toren
Art Design: Miguel Merkin
Costume Design: Keren Ron

Funded by:

Israel Film Fund
YES  - Satellite TV

Alon Lisi, Anastasia Safonov, Daniel Demidov,
Chen Koren, Nir Zvikel, Dana Ivgi, Abigail Arielli, Mickey Kam, Zion Baroch, Lusi Dubinchik,  
Amos Tamam