Do you want to fulfil your projects on a global scale?

Are you looking for international scriptwriters? Producers? Financiers? 

Do you have more time to work on your projects or scripts since COVID-19? 

And now, after its beginning to plateau, do you wish to explore new opportunities?

We work with:

1.  Creators – who have ideas for fiction features. We will:
  • Guide you through the development process.
  • Find scriptwriters who can write the script with you or for you.
  • Locate international partners like producers who can turn your project into reality.

2.  Scriptwriters – who already have a script for a full-length fiction. We'll:
  • Find international partners such as producers and broadcasters.
  • Recommend international script labs & co-production markets where the script can pitched an international career can be launched.
NOA – International Film Marketing Offers Private Online Consultations that:
  • Are tailored specifically to your project or script.
  •  Asses your goals, targets and aspirations.
  • Build a viable plan on how to practically meet your needs.
  • Recommend international script labs, co-production markets and over frames that can progress the script and propel an international career.
  • Enable you to explore new partnerships, markets and opportunities.  
  • Time saving – can help you reach the goals quicker than by yourself.
  • Held via Zoom, Skype or WhatsApp.

Business Model:
  • The creator / scriptwriter retains all rights.  
  • NOA's work is considered "Work for Hire" (unless the scriptwriter wishes her to be more involved. Will be discussed on a per project basis).  
  • A fee of 70 Euros will be charged for every consultation hour.
  • The first hour is free. 
  • No Commitment – can be stopped at any time.
  • There's no minimum of hours required.
  • Only pay for the hours that have been carried out 

About Us
  • NOA – International Film Marketing has helped filmmakers, creators & scriptwriters to succeed internationally for more than 15 years.
  • It has attended many international film festivals such as Berilnale and Cannes.
  • It has worked with varied scriptwriters and located for them global partners such as international co-producers, broadcasters and sales agents.
  • It has varied connections with producers, buyers, financiers, broadcasters and more spanning diverse countries.
  • It has gained invaluable knowledge.
  • Helps scriptwriters and creators to fulfil their project and turn them into reality.
  • Noa Cacharel is a graduate of the MEGA PLUS – European Master in Audiovisual Management, the flagship program of the MEDIA Business School which was funded by the European Union.

Contact us today and receive a free one-hour meeting or pay online
Let's explore how we can make your projects come true!  
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