Zlila Helman

Zlila Helman is an active female Israeli documentary filmmaker and journalist.
She is the director, cinematographer and producer of her documentary works.
Her academic background is in history, especially in Middle Eastern Affairs and the History of the Jewish Nation, and also in Social Work. The combination of these two fields helps her to observe varied societies, cultures and identities, from a critical point of view. Her aim is to inspire the audience to think and ask questions, and to strive to a better world.
She is especially interested in the unique stories and special relations between people from all over the world. She focuses on significant cultural issues that bring to light the positive sides of people - no matter where they come from.
Longing for Roots, short documentary film, 10 minutes.
Girls Soccer beyond Borders, short documentary film, 4 minutes.
Searching for the Meaning of Life, short documentary film, 6 minutes.
We Have a Dream: Women’s Hopes & Conflicts, short documentary film, 6 minutes.
Israelis & German in the Labyrinth of Reconciliation, short documentary film, 7 minutes.
The Invisibles: Lost in Berlin, short documentary film, 4 minutes.
Zlila Helman