Producer, director and creator for over 27 years in a wide range of film, TV and theatre productions. Moshe Alafi has made over 50 documentaries, 15 feature movies, over 20 theatre shows and over 10 festival productions. He also produces multimedia shows, conventions, conferences and special events.

 He is a member of the Documentary Filmmakers' Forum, Israeli Film and Television Academy and Israel Film and TV Producers Association.

Mr. Alafi is also a journalist and senior lecturer at Ma'aleh School of Television, Film and the Arts in Jerusalem. He also teaches in the Education Channel training courses, school teachers and young women in their national service.


Uman, Story of a Journey – the pilgrimage to Rabbi Nachman’s grave at Uman, the Ukraine. For Keshet Broadcasting, 30 min.

Zorach: Holocaust Refugee and Survivor – for Channel 1. Filmed in Israel, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Belarus, China, Japan and the USA. Channel 1, 60 min. Assisted by the Ministry of Education.

One of the Lamed-Vav – dramatic documentary on Rabbi Aryeh Levin, “father of the prisoners.” Produced in collaboration with the Israel Broadcasting Authority, 60 min. Broadcasted in Israel, USA, France and Holland. Funded by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Education, Israel’s Film Fund, the Gesher Multicultural Film Fund, and private sponsors.

When Dudu Met Aryeh– documentary for Keshet Broadcasting, 55 min. Follows the journey of Dudu Topaz and Aryeh Deri to Uman for Rosh Hashanah.

My Inheritances – Saga of the Kapah family and the Yemenite ethnic group. 60 min. Second Broadcast Authority – Reshet; Avi Chai Foundation, New Fund for Cinema and Television.

Hothouse – The story of Ronit Balaban, who deals alone with the destruction of her home due to the disengagement from Gush Katif. Broadcasted on Reshet TV (Hebrew and English)

Ayin Tova- Documentary about Bedouin women in the Negev Wilderness in the South of Israel.

Everything is Judged- Satire TV series. Broadcasted on Channel 1, Israel.

Hyssop and Coca Bar – Arabic series promoting the preservation of nature

Red Sea the End – a documentary on the destruction of the gulf of Eilat, from a human perspective. Funded by NFCT- the New Israel Fund for Cinema & TV, Channel 8 and the Israeli Movie Channel. 30 min.

Mr. Cohen and Mister Cohen – American/Israeli community collaboration for the Government Publicity Bureau and the Jewish Agency. 3 puppet animation films, 12 min. each.

Shake Yourself Off – The life story of the members of the unique Samarian community of the settlement Homesh until the evacuation in 2006. Documentary, 60 min. Channel 10. (Hebrew and English)

Communities in a New Light- Documentary series about 7 Jewish communities all over the world. Broadcasted on Channel 1 Israel

Hidden Genes- Drama

Director and Producer:

Naf – A Street Kid – Documentary on Jerusalem street kids. Second Authority for Television and Radio. Festivals: Jerusalem, Italy, Germany, Prague, China. 80 min. Hebrew, English, French, Arabic. More than 150 screenings in
In Good Hands, a docudrama for Hevra Kadisha

From the Ends of the Earth I Call to You – Documentary on the journey of Breslev Hassidim to Uman – 50

Credo – a documentary on the subject of values, 40 min.

Gmilut Hesed Shel Emet, a documentary for Hevra Kadisha.
Executive Producer:

Real Miracles – a docudrama for Telad and Paramount Films, 52 min.

Today I Am a Man – Sheba Productions, produced and directed by Micha Shagrir.

Three documentary episodes on Rabbi Kahane and the right wing – directed by Danny Siton for Keshet Broadcasting, in collaboration with foreign television channels.

60Short films for the Lexicon website of Jewish Culture – produced 2006-2008

A Question of Life and Death- Documentary, a new perspective on the Holocaust
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