A diverse storyteller active in multiple platforms ranging from cinema and TV to digital.
After graduating from the Department Media Studies at the College of Management's Academic Track, Israel, he began working as a creator, director, lecturer, and journalist.
His works include dozens of films, reports and series which have been broadcasted on varied Israeli TV channels such as Channel 8, Yes Docu, Channels 2 and 10.
In addition, Lerner directs TV reports (News Channel, First Channel, Channel 10) in addition to writing for newspapers & magazines (Yediot Aharonot, Maariv, Forbes, Time Out Israel Magazine).
In 2006 he directed the biography centering on Nathan Sharansky that was aired on the Biography Channel. In 2008, he directed the film "Shouts of a Beloved Land" that tells the story of former Knesset Member Joseph Tamir.
In addition, Lerner is involved in the creation and development of TV shows such as "Real Hours", "Elon Paths", "Account Closing" - Channel 10, and "Honest, "She Has It" for Channel 2.
He also produces documentaries such as "Derek Roth - The Case Opens", "The Bereavement Wars" are both for the Yes Docu Channel.
In 2013, he directed a documentary mini-series hosted by Meir Suissa about Yaffe Yarkoni in addition to the film "The Price of Faith" that tells the story of the Messianic Jewish community in Israel.
In 2014, his movie " Giuliano" about the actor and filmmaker Giuliano Mer, has premiered at the Haifa Film Festival.
In 2020, he produced and directed the film "Shamir, His Way" which has premiered at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque (the President of Israel Mr. Ruby Rivlin has attended the premiere) and was broadcasted on Channel 8. In 2020 he created the International Film Festival in Kinneret.
In 2015, he has completed his MA studies in the Department of Film Culture at the University of Haifa.
In addition, he teaches in various academic institutions in the fields of new media, directing and content development.
Happily married and father of four.
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