No Filters

Adi Hen is on a journey with his mom to become the first model in Israel who doesn't speak. Their journey is filled with blood, sweat and tears in addition to a major success during the challenging Covid-19 period.

Adi resides in a hostel for boys with autism. During the lockdowns his family was forbidden to visit him or bring him home. His mom didn't see him for 3 months and greatly missed him.

His professional future is expected to include basic meaningless jobs such as putting screws in a bag. His mom asks herself if he can do things that are more meaningful and helpful to society and all of us?

She writes an emotional post in Facebook sharing her thoughts about helping Adi become the first non-speaking model in Israel. She receives positive and supporting feedback and embarks on a yearlong journey to ascertain if their goal can be achieved despite the difficulties and challenges in their way.  

The road is filled with objections from family members and those around them.

NO FILTERS is also about motherhood and examines how far a mom would go to create a better future for her son despite of his special needs. Will she succeed to take on the world and face the hardships ahead?

The family meets amazing (and less amazing) people and experiences promises and disappointments. They have also met brave and daring people who supported the family along their way to fulfill their dream.


The film portrays hope against all odds and unconditional love. It shows how the family deals with raising a low-functioning autistic teenager who does not speak. It reveals unique interpersonal communication without words but by using kind eyes that penetrate the heart.

The film also depicts breaking the glass ceiling of the advertising world which usually incudes perfect models on billboards or on TV. Its message is clear: disability is surmountable! Even autistic and other disabled people deserve a high quality of life!  

The film is important not only for families of kids with autism, but for every parent and every child because it inspires openness, flexibility of mind and emotional IQ as the kids learn from their parents how to accept those who are different or have special needs. The film also inspires parents to appreciate and love their own children more. 

The film is suitable for the entire family.