The film delicately intertwines three stories about choice, conscience, and Karma (the Hindu, and Jewish, notion that actions shape our destiny). Each character is unique and comes from a different cultural background but Karma links them together. 

Yaron is a cheating Jewish husband. He leaves his daily prayer in the synagogue for an evening with his mistress.

Zacaria is a young aspiring Arab man. He answers a post in social media and visits a conference held by a company promising financial wealth and abundance.  He is persuaded to join the company and does so passionately – and innocently.  After he loses valuable money and time, he realizes he is a victim of a pyramid scheme and finds himself in a desperate situation.

Maya is a young female university student from Ethiopian origin. She is nearly forced to quiet her studies in her last semester to work full-time. Will she quit and see how her efforts and endeavors during the last three years go to waste?

Drama, 17 Minutes

 Directed and produced by Eshel Eyni  as a graduation project in the Film & TV Track at Ariel University's School of Communication. Israel