In the Name of the Daughter

IN THE NAME OF THE DAUGHTER is a touching and fascinating thriller \ drama which  unfolds the horrifying story of Dror Bar-El, a father who has lost his daughter in a terrorist attack and embarks on an uncompromising quest in order to prevent the expected release of her murderer from prison. This quest will confront him with his most profound values & beliefs, while threatening to cross the fine line between serving justice and blind revenge.

The life of Dror Bar-El, a peace activist, is suddenly shattered after a peace rally, when he helplessly witnesses his daughter, Gili, who is only 16 years old, being stabbed to death during a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.  She is yet another innocent victim of the long and bloody conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Her murderer, Abed Mansur, is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Two years later, the political vicissitudes of the never ending conflict lead to a possible deal between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority to release terrorists with blood on their hands, including Mansur. Dror is devastated and devotes himself entirely to preventing the deal. He organizes public protests and gives interviews to the media in an attempt to influence the political decision makers. His relentless commitment to stopping the forming deal and his inability to get over the tragedy create a grave and strained relationship with his wife, Lihi, who wishes, at least on the surface, to move on with her life. She cannot bear watching her husband becoming a shadow of his former self.

IN THE NAME OF THE DAUGHTER portrays the heart rendering experience of a bereaved family from the moment of bereavement, to the daily coping with the terrible loss and its toll on the remaining members of the family. In addition, Dror’s unyielding desire for justice leads to a hair-raising turn of events, from which there is no turning back.