Light of Good

Harel, the two-year-old son of Michal & Uri, was born prematurely with a brain defect, which makes him suffer and require frequent medical assistance to alleviate his pain. The doctors are already doing their best to help him – but he still suffers. Michal & Uri question themselves daily - is it fair that Harel has to continuously suffer so much? Should they stop his treatments and allow him to die to stop his agony?

The entire family is suffering as well, including Harel's siblings. Uri and Michal spend many days and nights in the hospital as their infant son is being treated.  They try to keep their fragile home functioning normally, with a happy, warm and loving atmosphere in spite of the insurmountable hardship they experience daily.

Documentary, 19 minutes

 Directed and produced by Reut Hayman as a graduation project in the Film & TV Track at Ariel University's School of Communication. Israel