Rabbi Chen tries to maintain a school routine for the sake of his students, despite the political conflict with the local authority.  Will he be able to carry out the graduation party as he promised to his beloved students and against all odds?

The "Lavi" school in the locality of Revava, which belongs to the Samaria Regional Council, was until recently located in temporary buildings. In the past year, the school has moved to a new building that has not yet been completed.

The teaching staff at the school encounters many failures and shortcomings in equipment and budget cuts. Despite all the above, everything appears "normal" to the students in order to maintain a functioning study routine.

Prominent among them is Rabbi Chen (34) who teaches the sixth-grade boys at the school. Rabbi Chen's students see him as an admirable figure, who teaches them determination, motivation and perseverance – and above all: positivity. An ongoing conflict threatens Lavi School's position and presents Rabbi Chen with challenges and situations in the field of education that he did not expect.

 The film accompanies Rabbi Chen on two levels. One, dealing with existing failures within the school and their impact on staff and students such as teaching a lesson in a computer room that is unusable and does not meet the Ministry of Education standard, fixing safety issues like electricity and leaks in the school building, lack of classrooms, malfunctioning equipment and budget restrictions. On the second level we will examine how his passion as an educator and teacher is reflected in the preparations for the graduation party for his students whose future is in doubt.

Documentary, 23 Minutes 

  Directed and produced by Moria Lev & Shirley Drucker as a graduation project in the Film & TV Track at Ariel University's School of Communication. Israel