The Driving Spirit

Mrs. Menora Hazani, the film’s director, embarks on a revealing journey with her father Benny Katzover and his pioneering friends, the leaders of the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria. The film reveals the driving spirit which compels people with no financial means or political standing to make history. The essence of this spirit is universal, transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, and audiences worldwide can truly identify with it.

The film centers on the prominent leaders and settlers. These are intriguing characters that up until now have only been known through news reports, both in Israel and abroad. This time the audience has a rare opportunity to get to know them intimately, from a very personal perspective, and understand their true motives, beliefs, and inner strength.

The film has participated and won awards in varied international film festivals worldwide, such as Indonesia. The fact that it has been screened in a Muslim country shows its ability to appeal to diverse audiences. 

People have tried to silence the film's director and stop her from making this film, as it reveals a truth that some people do not want to expose, but she has succeeded to complete it, against all odds.

Directed and produced by Mrs. Menora Hazani. A religious woman with six blessed kids, who determinately creates documentaries against all odds. Her films portray the human spirit motivating people to change and create a new reality. She often spotlights people in the cultural and geographical periphery and offers them a rare chance to finally be seen and heard.

English Trailer

   International Film Festivals & Awards

Winner of INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE, International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary, Indonesia

Israel's Female Directors Week, Israel

Mesa International Film Festival, Arizona, USA

KinoDUEL International Film Festival, Minsk, Belarus

Chambal International Film Festival, Mumbai, India

Beyond Earth Film Festival, Chennai, India