The Driving Spirit

The Driving Spirit

Mrs. Menora Hazani, the film’s director, embarks on a revealing journey with her father Benny Katzover and his pioneering friends, the leaders of the Jewish settlement in the region. Together they unfold the unique story of how a small number of resolved and determined young men have decided and finally succeeded to renew the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria, against all odds, while defying the Israeli government and many countries throughout the world.

The film centers on the prominent leaders and settlers. These are intriguing characters that up until now have only been known through news reports, both in Israel and abroad. This time the audience has a rare opportunity to know them intimately, from an inside and personal angle, and understand their true motives, beliefs and inner strength. The film sheds light and reveals the driving spirit, which compels people to act and change reality. The essence of this spirit is universal, transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, and audiences worldwide can truly identify with it

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   International Film Festivals & Awards

Winner of INTERNATIONAL AWARD OF OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE, International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary, Indonesia

Israel's Female Directors Week, Israel