Advantages of Sending Films to International Film Festivals

Prominent international film festivals are a mark of quality. Being a part of their official selection highlights the film’s artistic merits and makes it more accessible to the international audience. Hence, esteemed festivals also differentiates your film from the fierce competition.

A good festival also servers as an important gate and facilitates the approach to varied buyers. Hence, it can increase the chances of receiving international or domestic distribution.

Esteemed festivals help to establish and maintain international connections. They are essential to establishing or maintaining an international prestige and positive reputation - which are highly important in our field.

However, there are thousands of international film festival worldwide. How to choose the festivals that are suitable for the film? How build an effective international marketing plan that will help the film succeed internationally? NOA - International Film Marketing helps to answer these significant questions and offers strategic marketing & consulting services. It also holds courses, workshops and webinars that help international filmmakers succeed worldwide. Contact Noa Cacharel to see how we can help you achieve international results.

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